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Nähmax webbing set 25 meters

Hergestellt aus Ökotexzertifizierten Fasern
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High quality webbing made of polypropylene. Made in Europe the end Ökotex certified fibers.

Our webbing is often used in the manufacture of dog leashes, harnesses, collars, but also in backpacks, shoulder bags, key rings for camping and many other products.

Our webbing is made from high-quality polypropylene fibers, which gives it a high degree of rigidity and strength. Of course, our webbing ffree of pollutants and can safely for small children or Baby products be used. Polypropylene is skin-friendly and odorless. The webbing is made by us in Germany on quality checked, cut and vpacked by hand in an environmentally friendly way.

Scope of delivery:

25 meters of webbing per color 5 meters. (Decoration shown is not included in the scope of delivery)
Colours: yellow, purple, lime, royal blue, magenta

Material information:

Material: Polypropylen (PP)(POP)
Strength: 1,4 mm
Broad: 25 mm
Bruchlast: 300 kg

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